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Tight, slim, perfectly shaped: 7 simple exercises for the thighs

Healthy eating is good, but you need muckies for taut, slim legs! And you get that through special exercises for the thighs.

Too bulky, too wobbly, too dented: there are a number of reasons why we are at war with our thighs. The good news: it is our free decision to end this war! Either by accepting our legs as they are. Or by getting our thighs into better shape with a few targeted exercises.

If you choose the latter, you should definitely read on. With just 3 x 20 minutes of leg training per week, you can strengthen your thigh muscles and thus tighten your legs! 20 minutes … It takes about that long to do the following seven thigh exercises. Both the inside and the outside of the legs are trained. The best thing about our fitness program for the legs: You can easily do it at home! 

If you really want to get your leg muscles in shape, you should do endurance training in addition to these exercises, for example, go jogging or regularly climb the elliptical machine. This not only keeps you fit but also burns a lot of fat so that the newly acquired muscles come into their own better.

For regular exercise, you can do a lot of good for your body by also paying attention to a healthy and balanced diet. For regular exercise, you can do a lot of good for your body by also paying attention to a healthy and balanced diet. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or eat a healthy die :

Are you ready? Then discover 7 simple but efficient exercises for toned, shapely thighs!

1. Exercise for the thigh: leg balance

Balance exercises look harmless Clomiphene Citrate en Espana, but they are a great workout for the back of your thighs.

Here’s how it works:

Firmly tighten your stomach, stand straight and look at a point on the floor. If you like, stretch your arms out to the side to facilitate balance. From this position shift the weight onto the right leg, find a firm footing and carefully detach the left foot from the floor. Lay on your right knee and stretch your leg forward 15 times without placing your foot on the ground.

> 3 sets with 15 repetitions per side

Variant: If the leg is stretched sideways, this exercise can also be used to train the inner thighs.

2. Exercise for the thighs: lunge

In this exercise, the bottom and the front of the thighs must burn properly!

This is how it works:

Firmly tighten your stomach, your back is straight. Take a big lunge forward with your left leg. Make sure that the knee is level with the heel and does not protrude beyond the toes. Go deep with your right leg. Get back to the starting position and take a big lunge forward with your right leg.

> 3 sets of 15 repetitions per leg

Variant: It gets more strenuous if you put a barbell in each hand to simultaneously train the biceps. The lunges can also be jumped. This variant should only be used if there are no knee problems. Do you want to burn more calories? It gets more strenuous if a dumbbell is put in each hand to train the biceps at the same time. In addition, the lunges can be jumped. This variant should only be used if there are no knee problems.

3. Exercise for the thighs: squats

Squats are actually simple squats that our grandpa had to do while exercising. But because the exercise is so effective for shaping the buttocks and thighs, the name has just been modernized a bit and it says: go deeper! Buttocks and legs must burn!

Here’s how it works:

The legs are hip-wide open, stand upright, tightly tighten the stomach. Extend your arms straight forward at shoulder level and go deep into your knees. Push your butt back as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair. Rock three times briefly at the lowest point, then come back up.

> 3 sets of 15 repetitions

Variant: If the inner thighs are to be trained, the legs are simply placed wider for this exercise so that the feet and thighs point outwards.


4. Exercise for the thighs: rear leg extensi

Perfect! The butt is not neglected in this exercise and is trained together with the back of the thighs.

Here’s how:

Kneel on the floor and step into the four-footed stand. Make sure that your knees are under your hips and your hands are under your shoulders.

Tense your stomach tightly and slowly raise your left leg, stretched out. Firmly tighten your thigh muscles and circle your leg at the highest point 20 times in small movements.

> 3 sets with 20 repetitions per leg

Variant: To make the exercise more difficult, foot weights can be put on or you lift the opposite arm.

5. Exercise for the thighs: lateral leg lifting

Many women not only want to tighten the front and back of their thighs but also want to slim down the inside. With this exercise, it works.

This is how it works:

Comfortably lay on the right side so that the body is held by the right lower leg and right leg. It should form a straight lin

Tense your stomach, loosen your left leg from your right and slowly raise and lower using only the strength of your leg muscles.

> 3 sets with 20 repetitions per side

Variant: If you like, put on foot weights again. Instead of raising and lowering the leg, small circles can also be drawn at the highest point.

This exercise also trains the muscles of the inner thigh.

Here’s how:

Sit on the floor and lean your upper body back. It is supported by the forearms just resting on it.

Raise your leghis position, the legs are crossed in quick movements — but powerful and targeted — for 15 seconds.

> 3 sets of 15 seconds each

: To train the abscles,tean be stret

Lay on the right side, the right arm supports the head. Place the left leg bent forward over the right. The right leg is extended and an extension of the upper body. The toes are tightened and then the leg is slowly and powerfully raised a few centimeters from the floor and lowered again.

> 3 sets of 15 repetitions per side

Variant: Instead of just pushing the leg up and down, small circles can be drawn at the highest point.

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